My Awards Page....3
Thanks to all the kind people who
bestowed upon me these beautiful awards.
These awards are proudly displayed for you all to see.
Please click on the awards to visit their links.

Win Suzie's Award

Suzie's Award For Excellence
( December 23, 1999 )

Twilight's Outstanding Award

Twilight's Outstanding Website Award
( December 23, 1999 )

The Magical Award

Bobbi's Cutesy Site Award
( December 31, 1999 )

Visit Chandra's Homepage

Chandra's Angelic Award of Excellence
( December 31, 1999 )

Forever Is As Far As We Will Go Together

~~AnuStar's~~ Beautiful Site Award
( December 31, 1999 )

Gerlindes Candle Creations

Gerlindes Candle Creations Silver Award
( January 25, 2000 )
"We found out that the layout was eye appealing and content
was interesting as well as easy to navigate."

Award In Bloom

Denise Award In Bloom
( March 8, 2000 )
"I have the distinct pleasure of visiting your
site and was most impressed."

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